Drink Nutritious and Safe Water in the house through FilterSmart Water Systems

There is merely one leading performing brand in terms of water treatment, the FilterSmart Water. Colin and Dan are brothers who made the company with their garnered knowledge over the years of serving the water treatment industry. FilterSmart Water Systems is made to uphold the environment, the brothers ensured to create ways of purifying water without using salt and electricity. This is a fantastic means to replace the salt based system for water treatment which are known to be potentially harmful against the surroundings. “We saw a shift in the Industry and saw a great opportunity to focus on that shift,” as stated by the brothers.

Since salt based “ion exchange” devices cause harmful effects to the surroundings, it has been banned in many California places and in other States in the US every year. FilterSmart is looking forward to lead the way that every property owner must have a cleaner water to give their households and to be more cautious to their health. Water these days contain chlorination and chemical based compounds which many owners like to filter, producing technically “soft” water. However, salt water softeners will make the water “soft” because they replace the natural nutrients of water (calcium and magnesium) with sodium. This only means that sodium will be the one present in the water instead of its natural minerals. The founder of FilterSmart said “the old way of treating residential water has changed the previous few years. Property owners want filtered water full of healthy minerals without the added sodium”.

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A number of Americans have negative thoughts regarding their water but FilterSmart changed their perceptions. Everybody is now turning to the brand new system, replacing their old water treatment systems. FilterSmart’s founder also said, “We have gone against the grain and focused on filtering and offering a new salt free water conditioner that treats hard water without sodium or chemicals.” Culligan, one of the famous salt softener firm went bankrupt because of this primary change of people’s knowledge about water filters.

FilterSmart takes up the leading edge in the new billion dollar industry as the American tap water business rejected. A short while ago, a technique called fracking has become the constant news content which sparks further interest in water quality.

Dan states that, also a co-founder of the firm, “we want to replace all salt based systems in America”. He also added that “homeowners have been duped into buying salt softeners over the last 30 years that are not only environmentally unfriendly but are also incredibly bad for your health”. After 30 years, the house owners began to ask about the usefulness of salt-based softeners. However, FilterSmart have developed approaches in providing answer to these questions.Nevertheless, FilterSmart find ways in giving light to these concerns. They use tanks that are reusable in times when the filtering media has already been expired, and all that needs to be done is contacting an agent from the firm. With this, you can obtain a replacement carbon, plus, you can save more money since buying a new unit is not needed anymore.

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A lifetime warranty is also provided to all consumers on their tanks and parts and this is very advantageous for every homeowner.

FilterSmart seems to be taking an upfront honest approach to water treatment in an industry that has had a bad rap over the years. Home owners these days want to drink nutritious and safe water and this is exactly what they're mainly giving. FilterSmart Water Systems is not like any other water treatment companies since they place big importance for the satisfaction of their clients. So far, they only have below 1 % unhappy clients when conversing about their systems. Home owners will certainly love the company’s 90-day refund policy if they're unsatisfied with the systems. Colin had mentioned, “We basically are the Brita or PUR for whole house water filter systems. People love our brand and our company and we feel good about the water we provide for our customers”. Furthermore, he said this statement, “We want our systems in every home in America and to last for generations”.

Visit www.FilterSmartWater.com if you choose to get your own durable systems. There’s no need to worry when it comes to installation the systems mainly because having basic knowledge concerning plumbing will already help. Professional installers may also help you and you can hire them from AngiesList. What you have to do is to prepare $200 for installation costs.