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 Hard water is not thought  to be harmful  to  ingest , but instead starts  problems with the property  in one’s house  or business .  There are many  negative  effects that hard water, abundant  with calcium, can cause .

Although the corrosion  of calcium within the piping system of your home  is the main concern, appliances that  need water might start to wear  down as well   In order to not be at risk for long term  effects caused by hard water, a  fix should be chosen out of the  multiple  solutions  available . Most  of the  ideas  are  quick and easy , low cost, solutions  that can  destroy  the hard water in a few  of weeks, if not within days of start up  . Water softeners are not the only solution  to  replace   hard water but they have  multiple   pluses including  simple   installation, fast  action,  and are  inexpensive to purchase  .

The calcium is switched  with sodium with most water softeners in order to balance  out the minerals .  Water softeners are effective right away and have a  setup that is quite  miniscule. Beads with sodium hooked  to them  fill the  reservoir  of the water softener system.  The bead  pushes  the sodium into the water, making  room for the positively charged calcium to be  picked  from the water.