Why hey there  everybody, wanted to introduce myself and let you observe what I do for a living.   I'm Rod Smith and plumbing continues to be my personal factor for over 2 decades. After working for other plumbing related businesses, I started my own, personal business. After that, I decided to get into water softening industry because I really loved assisting individuals with their calcium in the water problems. 

 After seeing so many people complain concerning the information online, I thought I possibly could have some fun helping people discover quality info. At this time, I believe that I can have some fun doing this on the side and maybe make some extra income doing the work. I've Three beautiful son's and a nice wife as well.  I like to seafood, surf and hang up by helping cover their the family and I am truly beginning to adore this running a blog thing. Well which regarding does it.  This is a weblog about drinking water and not regarding me personally ;)